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Fighting coronavirus together

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic in London met with a delegation of representatives of the Kensington and Chelsea Council to compare and discuss the Czech and British experience in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and to discuss cooperation with both the government and local authorities about the risk prevention.

The delegation was received in the garden of the embassy by the Ambassador, Libor Sečka, and the heads of individual sections of the Embassy. Together, they presented the set of measures being in place at the Embassy and also explained the development and measures taken in the Czech Republic by the Czech Government.

"At the time of the rapidly approaching end of the transition period, it is crucial that Czech citizens settled in Britain register in the EU settlement scheme in time. Since they need to have valid Czech documents for this, the Embassy is doing its best to provide a full range of consular services even in the complicated time of the pandemic. At the same time, we must ensure the full safety of our employees and clients. The possibility of testing suspected cases of covid-19 at nearby Kensington Town Hall, although available for only several days, was invaluable in this regard, and we greatly appreciate the cooperation with the local authorities," said Ambassador Sečka at the meeting.

After the meeting, the members of the delegation inspected our garden "nano wall", covered with a Czech photocatalytic nanocoat, which cleans the London air, polluted by car emissions, and also keeps the surface bright white. When applied indoors and illuminated with a UV lamp, the coatings also act as protection against covid-19.

The members of the delegation:

Hamish Wilson            C-19 Taskforce Field Team, Team Leader, Cabinet Office

Barry Quirk                 Chief Executive, The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Russell Styles             Director of Public Health, The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Serena Merker            Assistant to Russell Styles

Andrew Willis             Head of Environmental Health Commercial

Nadia Hewitt               Health and Safety Team Manager

Britain, as well as the Czech Republic and other European countries, is trying to revive the coronavirus paralyzed economy and ensure the safety of employees and clients of companies, offices and healthcare facilities by implementing social distancing and other specific rules while preparing for the next wave or waves of the pandemic. Hand in hand with the termination of state support mechanisms for companies and released workers, the United Kingdom is preparing a massive strengthening of the covid-19 testing system so that as many workers as possible can safely return to their jobs. The UK also supports research of a vaccine against the coronavirus. A wide range of Czech industries offer its international partners Czech products for prevention or dealing with the effects of the pandemic as well, such as mobile intensive care units, sophisticated and specialized hospital beds, electron microscopes and laboratory equipment and nanotextile masks.

Ambassador Libor Sečka greets with the members of the British delegation

Ambassador Libor Sečka greets with the members of the British delegation

Meeting with the British delegation at the Embassy garden

Meeting with the British delegation at the Embassy garden