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New Czech Government measures to fight coronavirus proliferation (as of 25 May 2020)

The Government of the Czech Republic has taken the following measures due to coronavirus proliferation during its meeting on 25 May 2020: 

1) A bill on an anti-crisis tax package to help the most affected sectors has been adopted. The package mainly touches a VAT reduction from 15 to 10 percent in the area of accommodation services, admission fees to cultural events and sporting events, admission fees to sports grounds, fare on ski lifts and admission fees to saunas and other similar facilities. The package also includes the reduction to 25 percent in road tax on lorries over 3.5 tonnes, shortens the deadline for refunding the overpayment of excise duty on so-called "green diesel" and introduces a loss carry back for income taxes for all natural and legal persons, 
2) a bill on the waiver of social security premiums and contributions to the state employment policy paid by employers as taxpayers has been adopted. This program, called Antivirus C, applies, under specific conditions, to employers with less than 50 employees and to the months of June, July and August, 
3) as of 26 May, the reserved period for shopping for seniors is abolished, the obligation to use a protective shield for barbers, hairdressers, masseurs and other similar professions is abolished and the obligation to wear a protective mask at work is abolished if a person works at least 2 meters away from another person, 
4) based on the decision of the Ministry of Health, the end of the quarantine will be possible only after a negative result in a PCR test, 
5) as of 1 June, a voluntary return to schools is possible for pupils of special primary schools and pupils of high schools and conservatories for the purpose of practical teaching. The maximum number of students in one group is 15, 
6) as of 8 June, all pupils and students of primary schools, secondary schools, conservatories and higher vocational schools can return to schools voluntarily for consultations. The maximum number of students in one group is 15, 
7) as of 26 May, the regime at the state borders will be eased. EU citizens and foreigners with the status of a long-term resident in EU Member State will be able to enter the Czech Republic in order to perform economic activities, to visit relatives or to study at a university. Everyone will have to prove themselves with a negative test for covid-19 upon entry, 
8) all border crossings with Germany and Austria are reopened. The Brno-Tuřany, Karlovy Vary, Ostrava-Mošnov and Pardubice airports are also reopened. At the same time, only random border controls will be carried out and all border crossings can be used again 24 hours a day, 
9) as a part of the so-called Smart Quarantine 2.0 project, a new Emergency Operations Centre Department, which will report directly to the Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic, will be established at the Ministry of Health. Among other things, the department will be responsible for analysing threats with an impact on public health, for proposing solutions and for developing and managing the Smart Quarantine 2.0 project, 
10) the program providing support via the “Support and Guarantee Agricultural and Forestry Fund, Operation 2020 - reduction of the loan principal”, which is intended for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the field of primary agricultural production, has been adopted. They will be able to apply for financial support in the maximum amount of CZK 150,000, which, however, must not exceed 50% of the outstanding loan principal.