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New Czech Government measures to fight coronavirus proliferation (as of 1 June 2020)

The Government of the Czech Republic has taken the following measures due to coronavirus proliferation during its meeting on 1 June 2020: 

 1) The COVID-Sport subsidy program, which is intended to provide financial assistance to organizers of sports events, operators of sports facilities and sports organizations that have to pay rent for the use of sports facilities, has been approved. Total of CZK 1 billion is set aside for the program, which was initiated mainly due to the fact, that the above-mentioned are mainly non-profit organizations, who weren’t able to apply for financial assistance from any of the already launched governmental programs,
2) a measure of the Minister of Health, which will dramatically ease the current regime for travels to and from abroad, has been noted by the Government. The EU member states, and other states of the Schengen area are divided into three categories (according to the level of risk of COVID-19 disease). Czechs and foreigners with a long-term stay in the Czech Republic will be able to travel to countries of all categories after this date and will not have to prove themselves with a negative test for coronavirus after returning from countries with low and medium risk. Foreigners arriving from medium and high-risk countries will then have to prove themselves with a negative test upon arrival (in case of absence of a negative test, these foreigners will be submitted into quarantine).
List of countries:
·       Low risk: Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Iceland, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Poland, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Luxembourg;
·       Medium risk: Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain;
·       High risk: Sweden, United Kingdom.
3) as of June 8, it will be possible to organize events with the participation of up to 500 persons, terraces of restaurant will be able to remain open even after 11 pm, it will be possible to try on clothes at outdoor markets and the number of people who may be in the zoo, botanical garden or grounds of castles is increased to 250 per hectare. In exhibition halls, castles, theatres, cinemas, concert halls and circuses can be now up to 500 persons. The obligation of social distancing in auditoriums of theatres and cinemas and the obligation of visitors of swimming pools to wear a protective mask is abolished,
4) the price moratorium on apartment rents, which protected tenants during the state of emergency, has been abolished.