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Sad news of passing away of journalist Jan Jůn

With deep regret, we announce that on Saturday, July 23, 2022, Mr. Jan Jůn, a Czech journalist living in the United Kingdom, died after a short, serious illness.

Jan Jůn graduated at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Journalism of Charles University. In Czechoslovakia, he worked as an editor in the newspaper Svobodné slovo, in the publishing house Avicenum. After emigration, he was the editor or chief editor of the British magazines Time & Tide, Property Monthly Review and Property Gazette.

He later worked as an editor of the Czech broadcast of the radio station Svobodné Evropy in Munich. With that, after the Velvet Revolution, he moved to Prague, where he switched to the joint broadcasting of the CRRo program in the form of CRRo 6. He continued to work with the radio as an external commentator and the London correspondent of the newsroom.

He published his texts in the magazines Přítomnost, Vesmír and the magazine Prostor. He translated and edited specialized reports from Central and Eastern Europe for Bloomberg. In London, he and his father Lang published the "London Papers" for many years.

As an author, Jan Jůn focused on international relations and political events especially in Western Europe, he also paid attention to events in Southeast Asia and Afghanistan. For a long time, as a publicist, he also dealt with astronomy, about which he prepared radio programs and wrote articles for the popularizing magazine Vesmír.

In 1999, he was awarded by the Ferdinand Peroutka Award.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons - Jindřich Nosek