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Visit of Czech war veterans of peacekeeping missions in London

On Saturday, 9th November 2019, thirty men and women arrived in the UK, attending London's weekend celebrations of the Remembrance Day. The expedition consisted of family representatives of fallen World War II soldiers and military war veterans who participated in modern military missions ranging from the first ever-Czech military mission in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s, peacekeeping missions in the Balkans, to current missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Mali. This year, for the fourth time, Czech soldiers attended these celebrations, a parade and the march of war veterans REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY at White Hall in London on November 10, 2019. Finally, before the departure of the group, the Ambassador Mr. Libor Sečka received the group at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London on 11th November 2019.     

On Sunday, November 10, Czech military veterans dignifiedly represented all Czechoslovak and Czech soldiers at REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY in the heart of London at The Cenotaph, in the presence of British Royal Family members, the Prime Minister and members of the government. Ten thousand war veterans attended the show from all Commonwealth states. The group marched with great pride along with more than fifty nationalities. The mothers of the fallen soldiers from 5th August 2018 Mrs. Jitka Marcinová (son Martin) and Mrs. Ladislava Štěpánková (son Patrik) also attended the trip and parade in the group.After the march at The Cenotaph, the group moved to the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey, where under all the fallen twenty-nine fallen Czech soldiers in missions after 1989, the group stuck their crosses in the memorial site No. 95 devoted to Czech and Slovak war veterans.

On November 11, 2019, a dignified and cordial meeting of people connected with two generations of war veterans was held at the Embassy of the Czech Republic: from World War II and from foreign missions after 1989. The whole weekend was under "We will not forget you and thank you!"



Visit of Czech war veterans of peacekeeping missions in London