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Czech citizenship and vital records

Information about Czech citizenship and Czech vital records (birth, marriage or death certificates) are intended for Czech citizens and therefore can be found in the Czech section of our website.

All the related Czech laws and application forms are officially available in Czech language only.

In case you are interested in information about Czech citizenship or Czech vital records and you do not speak Czech, we recommend using some of the free web translators available online (eg. Google Translator). With the help of a free translator you will be able to get at least a basic understanding of the application procedures. In case you have any further questions, please, contact our Consulate by email at losangeles@embassy.mzv.cz

Since January 1, 2014, dual and multiple nationality are permitted and Czech citizens will no longer automatically lose their Czech citizenship upon obtaining a foreign citizenship.

Only the following documents may be accepted as a valid proof of Czech citizenship:

  • valid Czech national identity card (občanský průkaz)
  • valid Czech travel document (pas)
  • certificate of Czech citizenship - if issued in less than one year (osvědčení o státním občanství České republiky)
  • certificate of acquisition or granting of the Czech citizenship - if received in less than one year (listina o nabytí nebo udělení státního občanství České republiky)

Children and grandchildren of former Czech and Czechoslovak citizens may be eligible for Czech Republic citizenship

An amendment to the Act on the Citizenship of the Czech Republic (hereinafter "ACCR") which took effect on September 6, 2019, allows a new category of foreigners to acquire Czech citizenship by making a declaration. This declaration on Czech… more ►