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Czech passport

To apply for a new Czech passport, the Czech citizens living within the jurisdiction of our Consulate must submit their application at our office in Los Angeles in person on basis of a pre-scheduled appointment.

Due to capacity and technical reasons, all the applicants are requested to have a previously scheduled appointment without any exception to this rule, both for submitting their passport application and for withdrawing their newly issued passport! 
Appointments can be scheduled preferably by email at losangeles@embassy.mzv.cz or by phone at 1 (310) 473-0889.

Applicantion must be submitted in person ONLY! After submission which includes photographing of the applicant and scanning of the fingerprints, the Consulate will forward the application to the competent authority in the Czech Republic. The deadline for issuing the new passport is 120 days. Currently the process takes approximately 2 months.

New passports are issued with validity of 10 years (5 years for applicants under 15 years of age). The newly issued passport can be withdrawn in person on basis of a pre-scheduled appointment at our Consulate in Los Angeles or, if requested at the time of application submission, also at a Honorary Consulate within our jurisdiction or at the competent Municipal Office in the Czech Republic (ie. according the place of applicant's last permanent residence in the Czech Republic).


  1. document of identity - valid Czech passport, valid Czech national identity card (občanský průkaz), valid U.S. passport or valid U.S. driver's license
  2. proof of citizenship - valid Czech passport or valid Czech national identity card (občanský průkaz). If neither of these documents is valid, the applicant must submit a Certificate of Czech citizenship (osvědčení o státním občanství České republiky) or a Certificate of acquisition or granting of the Czech citizenship (listina o nabytí nebo udělení státního občanství České republiky), not older than 12 months.
  3. the previous Czech passport must be returned to the Consulate immediately after receiving the new Czech passport. If the previous passport was lost or stolen, the applicant must submit a "loss/theft notice form" (form_oznameni (PDF, 82 KB)
  4. Czech birth certificate; if this does not include the applicant's Czech personal registration number, it is necessary to submit also a separate document confirming that the Czech personal registration number has been issued
  5. Czech marriage certificate (if applicable) - must always be submitted if there has been any change of surname in relation to the marriage
  6. "declaration of citizenship" (form prohlaseni (PDF, 133 KB)); in case of minors, it is necessary to submit a "declaration of citizenship for minors" (form prohlaseni nezletily (PDF, 133 KB))
  7. consular fee in cash in USD (item 157a)
  8. "contact details form" (form osobni udaje (PDF, 175 KB))
  9. in case you wish to pick up the issued passport at a Honorary Consulate within our jurisdiction, please, also provide two (2) USPS post stamps in the value of a USPS Priority Mail Express postage (currently 2 x 26.95 USD). Stamps must be the standard non-dated stamps with a printed image/picture theme. The Consulate cannot accept cash instead of stamps!          

In case of an applicant under 15 years of age, the application must be submitted by the child's legal representative (a parent).
The presence of both the parent and the child is required. The requirements include those above mentioned and the document of identity of the child's parent. The newly issued passport must be withdrawn in person by the child's parent who has submitted the application and the child's presence is not required. Children may no longer be included in the passport of their parents and therefore must apply for their own passport.

In case of an applicant between 15 and 18 years of age, the application must be submitted in presence of the minor's legal representative (a parent). The procedure is otherwise same as in case of adult applicants.

Personal data verification in the Czech Public Records Information System (IS EO)

In case of applicants who apply for their first Czech passport, whose Czech citizenship has been returned to them or whose name has been changed, we strongly recommend to file a request for verification of their personal data in the Czech Public Records Information System (IS EO) well in advance BEFORE they even apply for a new Czech passport. The request takes up to 30 days to be processed.

To file the request, please, email or submit the "IS EO request form" (zadost ISEO (PDF, 188 KB)). If submitted by email, the form must be scanned (!) so that the applicants's signature on the form is clearly visible. Also copies of all the applicant's supporting documents (see the list of requirements above) must be submitted together with the request form.
NOTE: Copies of Czech passport(s) and Czech national identity card(s) must be signed (!) and dated under the text "I agree my document to be copied / Souhlasím s pořízením kopie mého dokladu", or otherwise the request will be returned as unacceptable!

Please note that if the applicant was married outside of the Czech Republic and the marriage has not yet been registered in accordance with the law in the Czech Republic, the applicant must register the marriage before applying for a new passport! If the applicant fails to do so, the data in the Czech Public Records Information System will not match the facts. Such an passport application cannot be processed!

We recommend that you carefully read all the information posted on our website before you contact our office or before you visit our office in person to avoid any possible misunderstandings or even rejection of your application!