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firearms transit permit

If you are travelling to the Czech Republic transporting a firearm and/or ammunition (eg in order to participate in a hunt or a shooting competition), a valid Czech Firearms Transit Permit (FTP) must be presented to the Czech Immigration Officer at the border. To apply for a Czech FTP, the applicants living within the jurisdiction of our Consulate may submit their application at our office in Los Angeles in person on basis of a pre-scheduled appointment. FTP will be issued within 30 days upon the submission of a complete application.

All the applicants are requested to have a previously scheduled appointment without any exception to this rule! 
Appointments must be scheduled by email only at losangeles@embassy.mzv.cz


  1. application form (form ZPL zadost (PDF, 507 KB)) - replace the pre-filled data accordingly using the information on firearms categories (ZPL kategorie (PDF, 123 KB)) and an unofficial firearms dictionary (ZPL slovnik (PDF, 200 KB)); you may also use for reference the unofficial translation of the FTP (ZPL front page (PDF, 118 KB))(ZPL back page (PDF, 69 KB)) but do not fill in this form, it's for your reference only as only the forms in Czech language are acceptable!
  2. instructions form - 2x (form ZPL pouceni (PDF, 145 KB))
  3. original document of identity - valid U.S. passport or valid U.S. driver's license
  4. original or notarized copy of U.S. Firearms License
  5. original or notarized copy of U.S. Firearm Registration Certificate for each firearm included in the application form
  6. original of the invitation from the Czech organizer(s) of the hunt or shooting competition with signature notarized by a Czech notary public
  7. consular fee in cash in USD (equivalent of CZK 800 - exact sum in USD to be specified by the Consulate at the time of submitting the application; free of charge in case of participants at international competitions to be held in the Czech Republic)
  8. in case you will not pick up the issued permit in person, please, also provide a trackable prepaid self-addressed USPS Priority Mail Express envelope or prepaid self-addressed UPS envelope (we cannot accept FedEx or any other mailing company). The Consulate is not responsible for any loss in which case the applicant must deal directly with the mailing company.

NOTE: Incomplete applications will be automatically returned!
Remember to have a separate Firearms Transit Permit for each country through which you are planning to transport your firearm(s) and/or ammunition!