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List of official translators registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic

If using their services, a further verification of the translation by the Consulate  is no longer needed for the document to be used in the Czech Republic.

Vladimir R. Hulpach
Official Court Interpreter & Translator
P.O. Box 17005
Fountain Hills, AZ 85269
Cell: +1 (480) 703-1364
Web: www.hulpach-translations.com
Email: vladray@aol.com

Vladimír Šulc
B&T; Importing, LLC
357 West 36th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Tel: 212-725-9845
Fax: 212-683-8516
Cell: 347-754-1158
Web: www.cztrans.com
Email: vladimir.sulc@cztrans.com

Skrivanek Translation Services, Inc.
Daniela Sassman, Branch Manager
8 Old Nursery Lane
Princeton, NJ 08540
Tel: 646-708-1714
Email: daniela.sassman@skrivanek.com

The Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles does not provide professional translation or interpretation services!

list of unofficial translators who informed the consulate about their services

These subjects are not in any way affiliated with, sponsored by or approved by the Consulate or by the Government of the Czech Republic. The Consulate disclaims and can not be held responsible for the quality of services or prices set by these… more ►