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list of unofficial translators who informed the consulate about their services

These subjects are not in any way affiliated with, sponsored by or approved by the Consulate or by the Government of the Czech Republic. The Consulate disclaims and can not be held responsible for the quality of services or prices set by these subjects.

Dana Petras Hollcroft
Freelance Translator & Interpreter
Tel: (602) 616-0467
Email: dana.hollcroft@gmail.com

Katerina Janouskova - Mambo
Translations/Interpreter Services
Email: translate2czech@gmail.com

Miluska Kroutil
2833 Sunset Terrace
San Mateo, CA 94403
Tel: (650) 345-4521

In case the translation made by above mentioned unofficial translators is supposed to be used for Czech authorities (eg translation of a U.S. birth certificate to apply for Czech citizenship), such a translation must be verified by our Consulate to be accepted in the Czech Republic (also see the item 151c of the consular fees).

Please, note that the Consulate is not allowed by law to verify translation if there are any mistakes, grammatical or lexical errors, changes, insertions, remarks or handwritten additions that could compromise its authenticity, or if the document could break laws of the Czech Republic or the U.S., or if it is against good morals and ethics. Translation must be printed out, it must use the correct Czech diacritics, it must include all the stamps, seals, numbers and codes from the original document. 

The Consulate will not verify or even correct an unacceptable translation under any circumstances!
An unacceptable translation will be automatically returned and the applicant will be advised to use services of an official translator.