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Photo: Foto: Kateřina Škobránková
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Czech Artists Score Big at the LA Art Show

We are delighted to inform you the most comprehensive contemporary art fair in America, LA Art Show, featured at its 27th edition installation created by Czech artists.

The installation titled "The Sign" at the prestigious spot by the main entrance was created by Czech artists using the pseudonym Swen Leer.
It is a part of DIVERSEartLA project curated by Marisa Caichiolo, focusing in 2022 on the role of art in addressing the global climate crisis.

Highway signs are always right. Not in a political way but in the way of conveying a fact. We believe them, take their truth for granted. In our time of social-media-fed competing narratives, "alternative facts" and fake news, the road sign seems to be one of the last anchors of truth that everyone can agree on, left and right. At the same time it is a true icon of Los Angeles, a city of freeways, cars, of people commuting to and from, many hours a day, each day. Arguably, the road signs are the most read and trusted literature of Los Angeles, if we can call them that. On the one hand, they are a powerful symbol of progress of the last century, of mobility, power and transitivity. On the other hand, however, they can be read as compromising evidence fo our technological rampage that has led us into a real climate crisis.

The installation The Sign (part of the Real News series) plugs into a-priori factuality by mimicking the iconic freeway signage, while communicating an unexpected message: "Your children WILL hate you eventually." The text is a speculation about the future of our society as well as a deeply disturbing existential thought that had crossed the mind of most parents. Their kids are the ones who will pick up the tab of our celebrated economical progress - a religion of economical growth at all costs.

The installation is a site-specific artwork, placing the iconographic freeway sign into the interior of the LA Convention Center, creating an absurd situation for the viewer conveying a disturbing message in the matter-of-fact form they have recently seen in their car getting off the freeway to get to the LA Art Show. And the message stands, after all highway signs are always right. 

The Sign installation is presented by the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles, Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, Czech Center New York, Dox Museum Contemporary Art Praga and Herr Gallery. Special thanks to Fabio Jiricek Banegas, Lida Sandera and Aneta Campbell.