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Photo: Nenad Maric, Pixabay
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Regulation of in-person visits to the Consulate General

In compliance with health protection measures against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the Consulate General requires all prospective in-person visitors to have a previously confirmed appointment.

Before applying for an in-person meeting, consider whether your visit is urgent: LA County Health Officer orders are in effect, limiting activities outside home.

In order to set up an appointment at our Consulate General, please send an e-mail to losangeles@embassy.mzv.cz. Include your full name, purpose of visit* and a preferred (plus a second preferred) date and time for the appointment. Our public hours are Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

Please visit us in person only after you have obtained a confirmation of your appointment. The written confirmation of your appointment received from the Consulate General (printed on paper or displayed on your mobile device) must be shown to gain access to the premises of the Consulate.

The Consulate General has introduced and enforces
precautionary measures and restrictions for visitors (PDF, 280 KB). Importantly, in order to be attended, you need to wear a clean cloth face covering that securely covers both your nose and mouth.

* notarization of signature, verification of a copy, visa, passport applications and pick-ups, Czech vital records, Czech citizenship etc.