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Czech Manufactures of Sporting Goods Are Expanding into the United States

Although American people are often associated with obesity and unhealthy lifestyle, more and more people are trying to switch to healthier one. That means in practice to eat organic produce and to workout actively.

According to available information, more than 42 million Americans sometimes go jogging, 38 million do fishing or sport shooting, 24 million play basketball and 4 million people have gym membership. 

The greatest interest in healthy lifestyle has the generation of Millennials (people born in 1980s and 1990s) and generation Z (people born after 2000). They come with new trends, such as higher interest in soccer, cycling, fitness (more than ¼ has gym membership) and outdoor sports including camping, hunting and sport shooting. These generations also use wearables (electronic technology incorporated in clothing and accessories) and some of 50 000 sport applications.

Americans spend almost 65 billion USD per year on sporting goods, which is more than 20% than 10 years ago. Extra 30 billion USD is spent on recreational means of transportation, including bicycles, ships, recreational vehicles and snowmobiles. Expenses spent on sporting goods were not compromised by economic crisis between years 2008 – 2012.

This particular area is interesting for Czech companies. For example, the company Crussis displayed their scooters at the Interbike exhibition in Las Vegas and currently tests the demand at the beach in Santa Monica / Los Angeles. This company will be offering their products on Amazon.com soon.

Exposition of the company Crussis at the exhibition Interbike in Las Vegas

Exposition of the company Crussis at the exhibition Interbike in Las Vegas

Scooters were also introduced by Yedoo Company and another e-shop is run by the most famous company in the industry – Kostka. Another company Botas is offering designer sport shoes. Other companies that are trying to succeed in the United States are Bushman (outdoor clothing) and Holík International (hunting gloves). UHER COMPANY, manufacturer and supplier of indoor and outdoor fields and surfaces just opened the branch office in North Carolina. American hockey teams play with pucks manufactured by the Czech company Gufex.

The trend of healthy lifestyle and doing sports brings new business opportunities that should definitely not be overlooked by Czech businesses.

Marino Radačič, Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles

Tomáš Trnka, Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Chicago