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For business travelers

For business travelers traveling to the Czech Republic

Passports and Visas

If you are a U.S. passport holder, your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after your date of departure from the Czech Republic, and you must have two pages available for entry stamps. It is recommended, however, that your passport be valid for at least 6 months after departure, especially if you plan on traveling to other countries in the area.

U.S. citizens traveling to the Czech Republic for 90 days or fewer do not require a visa, as long as the visit is not for profit.

For more information about Czech/Schengen visas, please visit the Visa Information section of the website.

For up-to-date COVID-19 travel restrictions pls check here.


Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is the main international airport in the Czech Republic. Other airports with international connections include Brno, Ostrava, Karlovy Vary, and Pardubice.  Taxis / Ridesharing services are widely available using an app, but there is also a very efficient public transport available in the major cities.


The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech, but English is spoken – mainly in major cities and tourist destinations. Russian and German are also spoken. Translator and interpreter services can also be purchased if necessary.

Hotels and Lodging

There is a large variety of options for accommodations, especially in the main cities. In smaller cities, there are number of choices for lodging as well. Accomodation can be booked online through major international websites such as Expedia, Booking. com or Hotels.com or Airbnb.com  

Congress, Trade fairs, and Seminars

The Czech Republic (particularly Prague) is quickly becoming one of the main European destinations for conferences, trade fairs, and seminars from around the world. Recently ranked as the 27th best meeting destination in the world, the Czech Republic has a wide variety of venues for various conferences and seminars and has hosted events on a large range of topics including the Annual International Monetary Fund & World Bank Meeting or NATO Summit. The Global Peace Index also named it the 6th safest country in the world, so you can trust that your event will be safe and run smoothly. Not only is the Czech Republic located perfectly for business matters, but once your meetings are over, you can visit all of the impressive historical sites the country has to offer and enjoy the rich culture and architecture in “the Land of Stories”.

More information about congress, trade fairs, and seminars in can be found here (Prague) or here (Brno). 

More information for U.S. travelers to the Czech Republic can be found here.