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requirements for schengen visa

When traveling together, each applicant must submit a separate set of ALL the documents stated below.

Documents written in other languages than Czech or English must be submitted with a certified Czech or English translation.


  1. Visa application form (form Schengen EN 2020 (PDF, 220 KB)).
    - Fill in the form completely and legibly, use the European date format "dd. mm. yyyy".
    - Fields no. 1-5: Your personal data (surname, first name, place of birth, etc.) on the form must be identical with the data recorded in the valid passport, and must match your personal data in the documents specified below.
    - Fields no. 17-18: Only to be completed by family members of EU citizens.
    - Field no. 25: Include all Schengen countries that you intend to visit on the upcoming trip.
    - Field no. 27: Leave blank if in doubt. Tick "Multiple entries" only if:
    -- travel movements on your next trip require three or more separate entries into the Schengen Area; OR
    -- within the previous two years, you had obtained and correctly used (a) three or more Schengen single-entry visas, OR (b) a multiple-entry visa valid for one year or longer.
    - Remember to sign the form on the last page. Add the place where and the date when you signed the form in the box to the left of your signature.
  2. One recent color passport size photograph (3.5 x 4.5 cm or 2 x 2 inch).
    - White background, entire face must be clearly visible.
    - No sunglasses. No headgear, except when worn for religious reasons.
    - Good print quality on high quality photo paper, made at professional photo studio.
    - Glue the photograph over the correspondent space on the form (upper right corner of the first page).
  3. Valid passport.
    - Expiration date must be at least three months after the last intended date of departure from the Schengen Area.
    - Must contain at least two blank "Visa" pages.
    - Must be issued within the previous 10 years.
  4. One copy of the passport data/photo page.
  5. Documents proving your legal status in the US and other visas.
    - Valid Alien Registration Card (Green Card) OR valid US visa (type A, E, F /plus endorsed I-20, F-1, DS-2019 or IAP-66/, G, H, I, J /plus J1 document/, L, O, R) AND your I-94 Arrival/Departure Record.
    - US residence permit or visa must be valid for at least 3 months after the last intended date of departure from the Schengen Area.
    - Proof (visa, passport) that you can legally enter the next country on your trip after you visit the Schengen Area.
    - Applicants who, after visiting the Schengen Area, travel to another country requiring a visa must have this country's valid visa issued in their passport before applying for Schengen visa. Provide one copy of this visa when submitting your Schengen visa application.
  6. One copy of the valid Green Card OR valid US visa (with any endorsed forms).
  7. One copy of all previous US visas, Schengen visas and visas of the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia.
  8. Documents confirming purpose of stay (e. g. invitation to a business meeting/conference/congress, original of the official invitation authorized by the Czech Immigration Police, tour itinerary from the travel agency, applicant's own day-by-day plan of the journey in the Schengen Area).
  9. Reservations of return/onward tickets.
    - Transport movements covering the entire journey into/between/from the Schengen Area member states must be documented, with the applicant's name and booking code (record locator) visible in the reservations.
    - Stock numbers of paid tickets can be requested.
  10. Hotel/Lodging reservations.
    - All overnight stays within the Schengen Area must be documented, with the applicant's name and booking (reservation) number visible.
    - Can be substituted by the original of the official invitation authorized by the Czech Immigration Police).
  11. Medical health/travel insurance drawn in the applicant's name, which specifically declares:
    - Validity throughout the Schengen Area (not only in the Czech Republic or in those Schengen countries that the applicant intends to visit);
    - Validity for the entire period of stay in the Czech Republic and the Schengen Area;
    - Cover of at least € 30,000 (US $35,000) for (a) urgent medical care, (b) hospital emergency treatment, (c) evacuation, and (d) repatriation for medical reasons;
    - US $0 (zero) deductibles/co-pay/out-of-pocket expenses.
    - The insurance must be issued by an insurance company, NOT by the employer, school etc.
  12. Proof of sufficient financial funds.
    - Bank statements covering the last 3 months, with the account owner's name clearly visible.
    - Only checking account OR checking & savings account is acceptable; no credit card accounts.
    - Unless your bank issues your regular account statement once per month, please note that for a period of 3 months you may need to retrieve more than 3 statements.
  13. Copy of the front side of the valid VISA/MasterCard debit/credit card.
    - Card-issuing bank must correspond with the submitted bank statements.
    - Cardholder's name and the last 4 digits of the card number must be clearly visible.
  14. Confirmation of employment or study.
    - If employed: confirmation from the employer including applicant's name, work position, starting date, length of contract and knowledge of leave of absence.
    - If self-employed: copy of business license.
    - If student: written confirmation from school/college.
    - If the applicant is minor (under 18) and travels without parents or with one parent only: notarized statement from both parents (unless one parent is the sole legal guardian) or from the legal guardian, authorizing the minor to travel (form Consent for minor (PDF, 102 KB)).
  15. Confirmation of the salary.
    - If employed: paystubs/payslips covering the last 3 months. Please note that for a period of 3 months you may need to retrieve more than 3 paystubs/payslips if you are paid twice per month or every week.
    - If self-employed: tax return forms from previous fiscal year OR proof of previous economic activity and of income during the previous fiscal year.
    - If retired: copy of pension certificate OR letter of previous employer OR pension check stub OR confirmation from the responsible authority about the amount of pension.
    - If student or unemployed: declaration of financial liability by a sponsor (spouse, parent, etc.) (form Sponsor (PDF, 125 KB)), AND and a copy of sponsor's valid ID. The declaration must be notarized if the applicant travels without the sponsor.
  16. Visa fee.
    - Cash only, we appreciate exact change.
    - For information about current visa fees please visit the corresponding article (under item 144 a/b - short-term Schengen visa application).
  17. Trackable prepaid self-addressed USPS envelope or prepaid self-addressed UPS envelope:
    - Only if the applicant needs the passport to be mailed back and cannot pick up the passport personally at the Consulate.
    - Envelopes from FedEx or other mailing companies are not accepted.
    - Insert your own name and address both in the "From:" and "To:" box on the shipping label.
    - Note the tracking number for your reference before handing in the envelope to the visa officer.
    - For USPS envelopes, affix the appropriate postage in stamps.
    - The Consulate cannot be held responsible for any delays or losses in the mailing of the envelope; the applicant must contact the mailing company directly.
  18. One photocopy of the front side of the envelope, if provided under no. 17, with the completed shipping label, prepaid postage and tracking number clearly visible.



Additional documents may be required by the visa officer.
All additional documents requested to be emailed to the Consulate must be in PDF format only.
Submission of the documents mentioned above does not guarantee that a visa is granted.