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Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
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Call for proposals: Small Scale Development Projects for 2020

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic opened a call for proposals for small scale development projects to be implemented worldwide, including in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. All interested organisations are invited to submit their proposals strictly by Sunday, October 20, 2019.

The filled-in application form needs to be accompanied by a proof of legal standing of the organization (proof or registration) and also a proof that the author of teh proposal is eligible to act on behalf of the organization.  Please do send the filled-in application form and the two attachments (no further documents are to be sent) to Petr Preclík, Deputy Head of the Embassy.

Please remember: 

  • There is no topical or geographical limit to the proposals, it only needs to fit within the development priorities of the country.
  • Funds are allocated to non-political and non-governmental entities only.
  • Czech financial contribution for the project is between 200,000 – 500,000 CZK (approximately 8500 to 21 500 USD or 112 000 to 280 000 ZMW at current exchange rate). 
  • The budget will be reimbursed only (no advances possible in 2020). However, the number of reimbursement payments is not limited. 
  • The project has to be implemented between March and October 2020.
  • One of the crucial condition is a project sustainability (meaning the project would be able to run in a future without further financial support).

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at lusaka@embassy.mzv.cz.


Application form 71 KB XLS (Excel document) Oct 12, 2019

Basic parametres for project proposals 22 KB DOCX (FILE_TYPE_DOCX) Sep 30, 2019