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Czechia has a new president – Petr Pavel


Czechia has a new president – Petr Pavel, a former army general who has extensive experience in the military and international relations. President Pavel's inauguration ceremony took place on 9th March 2023, marking the start of his… more ►

Czech support to small businesses and education in Zambia


Via the link below you can read or listen to a Czech Radio programme about Caritas Czech Republic projects in Zambia. more ►

Humanitarian Aid from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Helped Ukrainian Refugees with Shelter and Medical Care


The Czech Republic has actively been providing aid to Ukraine since the first day of Russian aggression. In addition to supplying weapons and military equipment and receiving hundreds of thousands of refugees or voluntary collections of citizens… more ►

World Road Congress 2023 in Prague


On 2 – 6 October 2023, the 27th World Road Congress will be held in Prague, Czech Republic. It is the largest international transport event of the year. Representatives of the road transport sector from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi are… more ►

Czechia sends hundreds of heavy military systems worth tens of billions to Ukraine during the first year of Russian invasion


In the first year of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Czechia has delivered dozens of tanks, combat and armoured vehicles and other heavy military systems to Ukraine. Roughly one third of the material came from the Czech Army, the rest was… more ►

Local small scale projects implemented in Zambia and Malawi in 2022


Like very year, also in 2022 the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lusaka supported local organizations in their activities through the so-called local small scale projects. One was implemented in Zambia and one in Malawi. more ►

Economic migration - programs and quotas


Detailed information about the programs, including information on how to participate, is available on this website. more ►

Commemoration of 150 years since the first African expedition of Dr. Emil Holub


On 15 September 2022, a lecture dedicated to the life and work of the explorer Dr. Emil Holub, marking the 150th anniversary of his first African expedition and 120th anniversary of his death, was given by Dr. Marie Imbrová in the Livingstone… more ►

Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs on World War II and war in Ukraine


On the occasion of the anniversary of the end of World War ii in Europe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Mr. Jan Lipavský has published an article in connection with the current Russia's invasion of Ukraine. more ►

Local small scale projects implemented in Zambia and Malawi in 2021


In 2021, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lusaka supported three local small scale project implemented in Zambia and Malawi, which have helped to improve access to clean water, education and health care. more ►

Czech Republic is equipping University Teaching Hospital to increase its capacities in the fight against COVID-19


The donation of medical beds, UV disinfectors, electrocoagulators and medical furniture from Czech manufacturers in a total amount of approximately 10 million ZMW will help Zambia combat the COVID -19 epidemic and strengthen its healthcare… more ►