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Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lusaka accepts visa applications of citizens or residents of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Republic of Zambia, and Republic of Malawi. General information on all visa procedures of the Czech Republic can be found here.

Making an appointment

Consular and legalization services: For all consular (passport, birth/marriage registration, etc.) and legalization services it is necessary to request an appointment via visa_lusaka@mzv.cz.

Short-term (Schengen) visa applications: As part of measures to prevent the risk of transmission of the COVID-19, all applicants for Schengen visas are hereby requested to book their appointment strictly via e-mail address visa_lusaka@mzv.cz

Long-term/permanent residence applications, long-term visas: 

  • All applicants for long-term visa or residence permit need to book their appointment strictly via e-mail address visa_lusaka@mzv.cz. Requests sent to a different e-mail address, made over phonecall, or in person at the Embassy will be disregarded!
  • The e-mail ought to include the applicants full name, phone number, e-mail address and the purpose of the visa application (i.e. study, work permit, unification of a family, etc.) together with a scanned proof of the purpose (i.e. study acceptance letter) and a scanned copy of a passport.
  • For all the requirements please follow the instructions in the relevant section of this website.
  • Following the request, you will be informed of the date and time of your appointment.
  • Be advised that incomplete applications cannot be accepted and the applicant will be asked to book a new appointment.

On the basis of the request received, the Embassy shall determine the date and time for submitting the application. For this purpose there is a system of time slots: 4 slots of half an hour are designated for each given Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesdays, the first three slots are intended for accepting applications for residence for the purpose of study, the fourth slot is used for employment / business purposes. On Thursdays, the first three slots are intended for accepting applications for residence for the purpose of study, the fourth slot is for the other purposes. Each applicant will be assigned the first available time slot based on his/hers purpose of the stay.

One applicant can book one appointment only, with the exception of accompanying minors whose applications are submitted by their parents or legal guardians. Confirmation of appointment will be sent to the applicant by e-mail within 72 hours. Booking of appointment for each applicant has to be sent only once and from one e-mail address only. In the case of multiple parallel booking for one applicant, sent repeatedly or from several different e-mail addresses, none of the received bookings will be accepted and no appointment will be granted.

On the day of the booked appointment, applicants are required to appear in person at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lusaka at given time or inform the Embassy by phone about a possible delay caused by unforeseeable circumstances. In any other case, lodging of an application will not be possible and the appointment will be cancelled without compensation.

Targeted economic migration and quota system

Effective from 1 September 2019, the Government of the Czech Republic decided to introduce its concept of targeted economic migration and start applying quotas for the acceptance of applications for employee cards and long-term visas for business purposes. The main objective of the concept of targeted economic migration is to strengthen the inflow of skilled labor from selected countries to the Czech Republic. The decision has been enacted under Ref. No. 220/2019 of 26 August 2019. For the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lusaka, the annual quota for applications for employee cards and for long-term visas for business purposes was set to 60 and 12 respectively. Both quotas are decided by the Government Decree and cannot be exceeded. Quotas will be divided monthly. Upon exhaustion of the monthly quota, applicants will be notified by the usual channels of communication.

Maximum number of visa applications for a stay of over 90 days for business purposes

Maximum number of applications to submit within one year: 12
Of which Program Key and Scientific Staff: 4

Maximum number of employee card applications

Maximum number of applications to be submitted within 1 year: 90
Of which the High Qualified Employee Program, the Key and Scientific Staff Program: 60
Of which Qualified Employee Program: 0