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Monument de Milada Horáková à Prague

65 years ago, Dr. Milada Horáková, Czechoslovakia’s leading political dissident, was sentenced to death by hanging in a Communist show trial.  On Nov 16th, on the eve of the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, her monument will be unveiled on Snemovní (Parliament) street in Prague, where she will literally “oversee” the activities of Czech elected officials.

As you may imagine, this hugely symbolic project is the culmination of many years of intense work and negotiations.  A seven-member jury of leading architects, sculptors and  professionals, backed by The Stránský Foundation Fund, the Prague 1 District Council and Minister of Culture Daniel Herman, drafted a transparent and professional process to select a winner from 23 qualified entries.  The winning entry, by sculptor Joseph Faltus, is that of the witness stand from the trial.  A sparrow symbolizing Milada Horáková sits on the microphone, ready to take flight. Etched on the marble floor below are her last words: “I’m falling, falling, I’ve lost this fight, I leave with honor. I love this country, this people. Foster well-being. I leave with no ill-feeling to you.  I wish it for you, I wish that for you.” Next to the monument will be a plaque with her final words translated into four languages.  The monument is slightly larger than life scale, interactive, and extremely symbolic. 


The Stránský Foundation Fund has created an open transparent bank account for tax-deductible donations to this unique project: Reiffeisenbank acct. 8123455001/5500.  All donations, large or small, can be viewed at And now for the important part: not only will all donations be publicly evidenced in the above account, but all donors, upon contacting the Foundation Fund at  Nadační fond Stránský, Národní 11, 110 00 Praha 1 (or via email at: will receive an original signed certificate confirming their participation in the realization of this project.


This is truly a unique opportunity for all Czechs and supporters of the Czech nation to directly participate in current Czech affairs.