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Conférence sur Charles IV

Date: 16.06.2016 19:00, Venue: Ambassade de la République tchèque 2, rond-point Robert Schuman L2525 Luxembourg

Ambassade de la République tchèque à Luxembourg organise en collaboration avec Česká infuze une conférence  de Madame le Professeur Lenka Bobková sur le sujet Charles IV.  La conférence sera donnée en tchèque avec une traduction vers l' anglais.
La participation sur la base de l' invitation.

To celebrate the 700th anniversary of the most famous Czech monarche, the Czech Embassy in Luxembourg is hosting a lecture to be given by a Czech historian, Professor Lenka Bobková, a leading expert on the Czech kings of the House of Luxembourg. Her original lecture will focus on the relations between Charles IV and his father, John the Blind, the battle of Crécy and the struggle for the Imperial Crown. The lecture and ensuing discussion will be interpreted into English.


Prof. PhDr. Lenka Bobková, CSc., dr. h. c. is a Czech historian working at the Charles University in Prague. She specializes in history of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown in 14-15 century and her professional focus includes also the rule of John the Blind.  She is the author of many books on Czech history, e.g. The History of the Lands of the Czech Crown. 1310-1402, vol. IVa and IVb.