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How is Czechia helping Ukraine?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic continuously provides an overview of Czech aid to Ukraine, see below.

Humanitarian aid in the amount of 12 million euros is being provided by the Czech Foreign Ministry and Interior Ministry

-  Under the MEDEVAC programme, medical equipment is being provided by Czech hospitals for Ukraine

-  2,500 medical kits have been delivered and 1,000 more are in the pipeline

-  Aid to refugees (material, financial)

-  Czech Railways and other companies sent trains to help transporting refugees from Ukraine

-  Ministry of Interior provides info service for Ukrainian citizens

-  The Czech Health Ministry and the Czech Red Cross are preparing a system for the safe transport and distribution of blood and blood plasma supplies

-  The Czech public contributed almost 40 million euros to help Ukraine through NGOs and the Ukrainian Embassy account.

Czech aid to Ukraine

Czech aid to Ukraine