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Photo: Velvyslanectví ČR v Manile
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Production of Social Impact Films Project

The Czech Embassy in Manila proudly supported in May 2019 the project by Active Vista, focused on Production and Distribution of Social Impact Films.

Film and Media Lab 2019 project aimed at strengthening capacities of filmmakers, advocates and educators in creative ways of compelling stories of state of our humankind, focusing on production and distribution of documentaries with social impact.

This project was possible thanks to the financial support of TRANSITION programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

As part of the project, a representative of Jeden svět/One World International Human Rights Documentary Festival visited Manila to share the Czech experience with Filipino filmmakers.

Czech Embassy Manila, in cooperation with Jeden svět / One World festival, Video4Change Network, EngageMedia, Dakila, Active Vista and the UP Film Institute, also supported the launch of a toolkit for documentary and journalist video-makers to design their social change initiatives with the aim to commemorate the World Press Freedom Day.

Jeden svět / One World festival is the largest human rights film festival in the world (125 947 spectators in 2018), held annually in Prague and other 36 cities of the Czech Republic, with a selection later shown in Brussels and other countries. The festival deals with documentary films on social, political, environmental, media and human rights issues.


Empowering Human Rights Advocates into Effectively Utilising Media for Human Rights Advocacy