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Photo: Velvyslanectví ČR v Manile
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Seminar on Art Protis in Manila

 “Progressive Tapestry Now and Then”  - it was a topic of a captivating lecture on Art Protis - Czech invention of non-vowen tapestry - in National Museum of the Philippines by Ms. Markéta Vinglerová, visiting scholar of Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

The lecture focused on Art Protis - the unique non-woven Czech technology - which Filipino national artist F. Alcuaz employed in the making his fabric work.

The lecture introduced experiments in fashion and textiles in the late 50s and early 60s in former Czechoslovakia and examined how Art Protis became popular as an artistic decoration both in public interiors and private homes, as well as a subject of interest for both Czech and foreign artists. It also took a look at how the expressive potential of Art Protis is now being rediscovered, reused and reinterpreted by fashion designers and contemporary artists.

Art Protis was artistically developed by famous Czech artists Jiří Trnka, known for his illustrations and animations, and Antonín Kybal, known for producing textiles to appease the stylistic demands of modernist architecture since the late 1920s. Kybal merged his background in painting with a deep knowledge of textile production and handcraft, and became the single most important promoter of Art Protis locally and abroad. The works he created with the Art Protis technique were prominent in the parts of Czechoslovak pavilions at World exhibitions, where they were awarded gold medals, both at EXPO ‘67 in Montreal and EXPO ‘70 in Osaka, and were eventually recognized by the art world.

Aguilar Alcuaz was a wide-eyed wanderer of the globalizing art world even back then. After finishing his studies, he stayed on to live and familiarized himself with the art and culture of Europe where he became colleagues with other Filipino expatriates and was able to work with world-class talent. He visited Prague in 1968 where his interest was immediately caught by the Art Protis. In Brno where Alcuaz mostly traveled for months, the one of a kind collage technique was introduced to him in the premises of Vlněna textile company, where the special stitching machine was located. By then, Aguilar Alcuaz fell in love not only with the art but with the city as well. His steadfast work for two decades was celebrated during his fortieth birthday hosted by the Vice Mayor of Brno. His works were highly favored not only for its refinement and European flair but his ease and pleasure in conveying “uncluttered playfulness” with constant fluidity.

Markéta Vinglerová (b. 1977) is an art historian and curator, focusing on intersections of fiber art, Fine Arts, fashion, and exhibition practice.  

The lecture was a part of Czech Embassy project on Art Protis in the National Museum of the Philippines, which is also hosting “The Art Protis of Federico Aguilar Alcuaz” exhibition“ which is open to public until 25 May 2018.