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Employee Card

Quotas for the Economic Migration


The Czech Embassy in Manila informs that the Government of the Czech Republic decided to introduce quotas for the submitting of applications for the Employment Cards and for the Long-term Visas for the Purpose of Business by its Decree No.… more ►

Employee Card (long term residence permit for purpose of employment, outside the framework of the Program of the Skilled Worker) Appointment for Visa Submission

From September 1st 2019 applicants for an Employee Card (long term residence permit for the purpose of employment) outside the framework of the Program of the Skilled Worker will make an appointment for visa submission in the following manner. more ►

Employee Card Requirements

An employee card is a type of long-time residence permit in the Czech Republic, where the purpose of stay (longer than 3 months) is employment. more ►

Czech Government Employment Programs for the Philippines

Czech Government Program for the Philippines facilitates the submission of Employment Card applications for qualified Filipino employees whose future Czech employer has met the conditions for inclusion in the government program. The annual quota… more ►

Philippine Recruitment Agencies deploying to the Czech Republic

The below listed Philippine Recruitment Agencies already deploy Philippine citizens to the Czech Republic and facilitate the administration procedure at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). more ►