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The information on submissions of applications for the Employee Cards outside the framework of the Qualified Employee Programme

(This article expired 08.12.2021.)

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Manila informs that since September 30, 2021 the Czech Republic allows again the submission of the applications for the Employee Cards that are not in the Framework of the Czech governmental Programme Qualified Employee. The applicants do not have to be vaccinated.

There is no prerequisite regarding the vaccination. Non-vaccinated applicants are also allowed to apply for those Employee Cards.

Detailed information on the renewal of the visa agenda may be found in the article Visa services offered by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Manila.

Kindly note that from September 1, 2019 applicants for an Employee Card (long term residence permit for the purpose of employment) outside the framework of the Programme Qualified Employee are expected to request an appointment for visa submission in the following manner:

Requests for appointments for an Employee Card application (long term residence permit for the purpose of employment) are to be sent at the following dates from 11 a.m. (local time) to the following e-mail address: visa_manila@mzv.cz. Slots will be reserved for 3 upcoming months.

December 13, 2021 (slots for January, February and March 2022)

March 14, 2022 (slots for April, May and June 2022)

June 13, 2022 (slots for July, August and September 2022)

The Embassy reserves the right to change well in advance the above mentioned dates of submitting the email requests for appointments.

The Embassy will inform about new dates to apply for appointments in advance on this page.

Subject of the e-mail requesting an appointment can ONLY contain the passport number of the visa applicant.

E-mails without the passport number of the visa applicant in the subject, or including also other information described below will be considered invalid (not taken into account) and will not be answered or processed. Emails received before the set day and hour will be ignored.

Each applicant is allowed to send ONLY ONE (1) e-mail. In case more e-mails are sent by one applicant, the applicant will be automatically eliminated from the registration, even if the e-mails are sent from multiple e-mail addresses. A notification will only be sent to the first identified duplicate email of the applicant. If it is found that the applicant has already filed an employee card application in the previous months and that the application is still being processed, his / her e-mail will also be excluded from further processing and not taken into account.

The email must contain the following identification information about the applicant:

  1. first name and surname,
  2. date of birth,
  3. travel purpose („employee card“),
  4. phone number,
  5. e-mail address,
  6. in an e-mail attachment (not in the body of the e-mail!) scan of the passport data page in .pdf format,
  7. in an e-mail attachment (not in the body of the e-mail!)  scan of the document proving the travel purpose signed in .pdf format.

Without the mandatory information, the e-mail will be considered invalid and the request will not be processed.

Received applications will be accepted and processed chronologically. The applicant will only be given an appointment, if all the necessary requirements are fulfilled. All correct e-mails received before the available capacity is reached will be answered with an automatic response and will be processed within 10 days. When the capacity is reached, the applicant will receive an automatic response and he/she can try again to schedule an appointment next time (on a next date for the e-mail appointment applications submission - see above).

The appointment dates are final and unchangeable.

Comment: The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Manila accepts 25 applications for regular employee cards and long term visas with business purpose every 3 months. The only exemption is the last quarter of 2021 when 29 application will be admitted. Out of this number, 8 appointments were already scheduled based on requests for appointments from September 27, 2021 or based on the appointment made successfully in February 2020 (before pandemic started). That is why there will be only 21 slots opened for October 11, 2021. This is because the renewal of the so called non – programme Employee Card applications (for the applicants who fulfil above described conditions) is allowed since mid-September. Thus 4 applications for half of September. The Embassy is providing new slots opening since on September 27, 2021 not all slots were reserved and there is still free remaining capacity of 21 slots.

There is no other way to make an appointment for submission of above mentioned applications and the Embassy will not respond to attempts which do not follow the above described procedure.