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Information for visa holder

Understand your visa sticker

Visa validity (indicated on the visa sticker by: FROM ... UNTIL) is the period during which the visa holder is entitled to stay (to enter, reside and travel). It is a period of time limited by specific dates, within which the applicant may use the length of stay. 

The duration of stay (indicated on the visa sticker by: DURATION OF STAY) is the actual number of days during which the visa holder may stay in the territory of the Schengen area. The length of stay starts on the date entry and it may be different (shorter) from visa validity. In case the multiple entry visa is issued, the holder has to follow the rule 90/180.

Issued schengen visa does not mean visa holder can automatically enter the Schengen area. Visa holder must be able to prove the visa requirements based on the Visa code. In case he/she is required to do so by the border control.

Types of visa: A - Airport transit visa, C - Schengen visa (stay up to 90 days), D - Long-term visa (stay over 90 days) 

Number of entries (1 or 2 or MULT) indicates the number of times the visa holder may enter the Schengen area. The trips can be distributed throughout the entire duration of the visa. 

Purpose of residence 

The visa holder is obliged to respect the applicable laws of the country of residence, is required to fulfill the original purpose of residence for the entire duration of his stay, and be able to prove it by submitting the relevant document. 

Registration duty 

Every foreigner staying in the Czech Republic must register. Within 3 working days from the date of entry, visa holders and other citizens of third countries must report their presence to the relevant department of foreign police according to their place of residence. This obligation does not apply to the following categories: children under 15 years of age, foreigners whose landlord (e.g. hotel) has fulfilled this obligation on their behalf, staff of foreign embassies or international governmental organizations accredited in the Czech Republic, their family members registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreigners, whose accommodation is provided by the Ministry of Interior. For more information, please contact the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic (pobyty@mvcr.cz).

Changes conditions of stay

If the visa applicant changes the conditions of stay (accommodation, flight etc.) after or before the visa is issued, he/she should inform the Embassy. The visa applicant should submit all the new supporting documents to the Embassy. In case the visa applicant does not inform about the changes, the Embassy can revoke or annul the issued visa.