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The Czech Republic in the UN

The Czech Republic is an active member of the United Nations (UN). Our views and interests are represented by Permanent Missions of the Czech Republic to the UN in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi.

Czechoslovak Foreign Minister, Jan Masaryk signs the UN Charter (San Francisco, June 26, 1945)

Czechoslovak Foreign Minister, Jan Masaryk signs the UN Charter (San Francisco, June 26, 1945)

The United Nations is the only international organization with universal membership and it is therefore a unique platform for dealing with global issues. As its member the Czech Republic can actively pursue its political and economic goals and visions, make stronger connections with international community and coordinate its efforts with other member states.

The former Czechoslovakia was one of the 51 original constituent member states. Its representatives signed the UN Charter in San Francisco on June 26, 1945. As one of the two successor states of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic was unanimously admitted as a fully fledged member of the UN at the resumed 47th session of the UN General Assembly on January 19, 1993.

Since 1993 the participation of the Czech Republic in the work of the UN has been very active, including, in particular, a non-permanent membership on the UN Security Council in the term 19941995, the Presidency of the 57th session of the UN General Assembly in 20022003 and membership in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in the terms 1996–1998, 1999–2001 and 20062008. To the present day, the Czech Republic has been elected and actively participated in the work of more than 40 elected organs, programmes, funds and other bodies of the UN. Since its establishment in 1993 the Czech Republic has provided more than 3000 military and civil personnel for more than 30 UN peacekeeping operations.

Czech priorities in the United Nations:

  • The Czech Republic is committed to the concept of effective multilateralism and therefore puts an emphasis on cooperation within the UN as well as between the UN and other international organizations.
  • The UN in the 21st century faces a whole range of global challenges and needs to react decisively and effectively. The Czech Republic recognizes the importance of reforming the UN system, including its main bodies, which would strengthen the UN system and enable it to respond more decisively and effectively to the current global challenges.
  • The protection and promotion of human rights of all people is one of the priorities of the Czech foreign policy. The Czech Republic supports UN mechanisms pursuing those goals and visions, such as Human Rights Council
  • The Czech Republic supports the UN effort to adopt global strategy on terrorism as well as all UN activities related to disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
  • The Czech Republic supports the UN's effort and activities in the area of climate protection and sustainable development.
  • The Czech Republic participates in the development and humanitarian activities and operations of the UN and strongly supports the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (for more information about the development cooperation and humanitarian aid please visit the website on the Czech development policy).