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Economic and Commercial Section

The commercial and economic section develops and supports trade relations between East African and Czech companies. Our services include

Assisting Czech companies in

  • Providing information on export opportunities, current market conditions and trends, trade shows, etc.
  • Locating and initiating contact with East African distributors, wholesalers, and agents.
  • Reporting opportunities in public procurements and investment opportunities in East Africa.
  • Hosting events promoting Czech products and services.
  • Providing information on potential joint venture partners.

Assisting East African companies in

  • Establishing and developing business relations with Czech companies.
  • Locating manufacturers and business partners in the Czech Republic.
  • Providing information on Czech companies, professional associations, service providers, etc.
  • Providing information on international trade shows in the Czech Republic.

Contact information:

Marta Anna Ledgard, MBA – Commercial Counsellor, Head of Economic and Commercial Section

Embassy of the Czech Republic 
Tende Drive 745, Lavington 
P.O. Box 25639, 00603 Lavington, Nairobi 

tel: +254 790 638 617

e-mail: Marta_Ledgard@mzv.cz