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Photo: Petr Kočnar
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The Czech Republic is a member state of European Union (EU) and takes an active role in EU regional projects aimed at stabilization and sustainable development. The main focus of the Czech Development Agency (CzDA) is the administration of the bilateral development projects in the priority countries of the Czech development cooperation

One of the Czech development programmes are so called „local small-scale project“ instrument (MLP). The main aim of these projects is to support the activities of local subjects in developing countries with the contribution up to 500,000 CZK. Despite the difficult conditions of global pandemic in 2021, 61 small scale projects were implemented in 50 countries. There were two projects managed by the Embassy in Nairobi – one in Uganda and the other one in Rwanda.


In 2021, another three multi-year assistance programmes were managed at the Czech MFA: Programme for the support of source and transit countries of migration in Africa (2020-22), programme Stabilization and reconstruction of Iraq (2018-2021) and assistance programme for Syria (originally 2016-19 with follow-up 2020-21).





107,2 mil. CZK (4,4 mil EURO)


65,6 mil. CZK (2,7 mil EURO)


61,6 mil. CZK (2,5 mil EURO)


The recent example of the strengthening of the relations between Czechia and Africa was for example the Czech-Africa Health Forum that took place in Prague with the participation of health ministers from several African countries (including East African Kenya and Rwanda)

Africa is going through a rather difficult period. Not only that the continent still has to deal with the negative effects of the COVID - 19 pandemic on its economies. Africa faces a food crisis because of the aggression of the Russian Federation and their invasion of Ukraine, as many African states depend on grain imports from Ukraine and Russia.

Due to the growing need to develop cooperation with African partners, Czechia is preparing a new comprehensive national strategy for its engagement on the continent. Czechia, like the EU, approaches Africa as its Southern neighbourhood. The goal of the Czech Republic's activities in the region will be to contribute to the development of a stable, prosperous, healthy and educated Africa. Czechia regards investing in peace and development in Africa as an investment in one's own security and prosperity.

Czechia also welcomes the fact that relations between the EU and Africa are deepening. Africa is one of the foreign policy priorities during the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of 2022. One of our main goals is to contribute to the implementation of the conclusions of the Brussels EU-African Union (AU) summit, which took place with the participation of Prime Minister Petr Fiala in February 2022.