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Long-term Residence Permit application - Study

Long-term residence permit is issued to students of accredited study programmes at the Czech universities and colleges.

Kindly note that the procedure at the Ministry of Interior can take up to 60 days, in certain cases up to 90 days. The Embassy has no influence over the length of the procedure. Details about the decision making procedure

The long-term residence permit is collected  only after the arrival in the Czech Republic. In case the application is approved, the Embassy of the Czech Republic issues a special type of  visa for the purpose of collecting the residence permit.


Long-term residence permit application requirements:

1. a valid travel document (recognized by the Czech Republic, not older than 10 years, containing at least 2 free pages, its validity must be at least 3 months longer than the validity of the residence permit applied for),

2. 3 photographs (3,5 x 4,5 cm, light background, no head covering except for religious reasons),

3. a duly completed and signed long-term residence permit application form - (Žádost o dlouhodobý pobyt (PDF, 815 KB),

4. a document confirming the purpose of stay (i.e. the original enrolment letter in the university or in other accredited study programme, issued in the Czech language),

5. a proof of accommodation:

  • provided by the applicant - either the original lease contract or its certified copy, the official declaration of the accommodation provider with his/her attested signature, or a document proving the applicant's ownership of a flat or a house in the Czech Republic – in original or a certified copy, issued in the Czech language, etc.),
  • provided by the Czech university/school electronically by a “datova schranka“ (data box) on the applicant's behalf – in such case, kindly let us know in advance (before submitting the application).

6. a proof of funds in the Czech Republic and the proof of access to them from the Czech territory, such as

  • scholarship holders: original document proving that the applicant is entitled to a scholarship; if the document is not issued in Czech it has to be authentificated and translated to Czech – for details see Remarks below,
  • other students: the original stamped bank statement (best periodical one) with the copy of an international credit card linked to this account; if the bank account’s owner is the parent, a declaration by the parent that s/he will support his/her child during the stay in the Czech Republic has to be submitted; the declaration has to be translated into Czech; periodical bank statements submitted in English do not have to be translated into the Czech;

7. a police clearance certificate (provided in original authenticated by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs - for details see Remarks below):

       issued by the applicant's home country (i.e. the country which passport the applicant holds),
       issued by the state(s) in which the applicant has had a continuous residence for over 6 months in the last 3 years, if relevant.  The requirement to submit the police clearance is based on the Act No. 326/1999, Coll., on the Residence of Foreigners in the Czech Republic, par. 31/3/a

8. If the applicant is minor (under 18 years), a written consent of both parents with the student’s stay in the Czech territory is obligatory (the declaration must be translated into Czech).

9. In case the residence permit is granted by the Ministry of Interior, a medical insurance covering the territory of the Czech Republic has to be arranged and presented to the Embassy before the visa is stamped into the passport. Detailed information on the required insurance policy will be sent to each successful applicant together with the notification of the approval of the residence permit. Since August 2021, the Foreigners' Comprehensive Medical Insurance  from the Pojistovna VZP insurance company is required.

Important Remarks:

  • the application has to be submitted by the applicant in person at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Nairobi (by prior appointment only)
  • the visa application fee has to be paid in EUR cash (or by credit / debit card) (the visa fee amounts to approx. 100 EUR); consular fees (e.g. authentication, verification of translation, etc.) have to be paid in KSh cash (or by credit / debit card)
  • all original documents issued by the foreign government authorities (i.e. police clearance, birth certificate, high school/university diplomas, etc.) have to be authenticated by the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • all foreign documents have to be translated into Czech. The Embassy can certify the translation only but not provide the translation
  • all documents must be submitted in original
  • the supporting documents should not be older than 180 days, with the exception of the passport and photograph 
  • the decision about the long-term resident permit applications is taken by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic within 60 days. During this period the applicant may be called in for an interview at the Embassy, if requested by the respective Czech authorities. As the application procedure follows the Administrative Code of the Czech Republic, the interview may only be done in Czech. The applicant has to organize his/her own interpreter.

For detailed information on the long-term residence permit application requirements, the decision-making procedure and other related issues please visit the websites of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.