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Changes in the procedure of long-term visa applications

On the 31 July 2019, the Act on the Residence of Foreigners in the Czech Republic was amended. This article outlines some important changes in the procedure of long-term visa applications due to the amendment.

On the 31 July 2019, the following changes in the process of long-stay visa applications took effect.

It is no longer legal to accept the "confirmation of accommodation" for applicants intending to stay in the Czech Republic on the basis of long-term visa by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs databox. Applicants are required to submit the original document. 

​Applicants submitting the long term visa applications for the purpose of study are required to pay the visa application fee.

​Fees for certain types of applications changed. The new fees are as follows:

​Long-stay visa applications (incl. "study" purpose of stay ) 2500 CZK
​Long-term residence permit applications  2500 CZK
​Employee Card applications  5000 CZK
Blue Card applications 5000 CZK

​Visa fees are subject to change depending on the current exchange rate. All fees are payable in EUR cash only.