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Official documents and sources

The North Altantic Treaty

The North Atlantic Treaty signed April 4, 1946 in Washington is NATO's basic and founding document. The crucial Article 5 enshrines the principle of collective defense. Intertwined with collective defence is the Article 3, in which Allies agree to maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to resist armed attack. Article 4 establishes the institute of security consultations if a threat emerges to any Ally. Article 10 of the North Atlantic Treaty enacts NATO's open-door policy.


The 2010 Strategic Concept: Active Engagement, Modern Defence

At the NATO summit in Lisbon in 2010 Allies adopted a new NATO's strategic concept. It defines the role of the Alliance and its tasks for ten years ahead with regard to developments in the security environment and evolution of new security challenges. The 2010 Strategic Concept reiterates the emphasis on the principle of collective defense, together with the two other core tasks of the Alliance: crisis management and cooperative security.


Conclusions of NATO Summits

Declarations adopted by heads of states and governments of NATO countries at NATO summits, also called communiqués, offer a comprehensive information source on policies of the Alliance. In a structure of numbered paragraphs Allies express their collective stance on the whole range of political issues in which the North Atlantic Alliance is involved. A communiqué is considered the main output of the summit, occasionally accompanied by other documents of similar importance.


Security and defence strategic documents of the Czech Republic

Security Strategy of the Czech Republic is the main conceptual document of the Czech Republic that describes security threats and ways and means to counter them. The current Security Strategy of the Czech Republic was adopted by the Government in February 2015.

Defence Strategy of the Czech Republic is a fundamental strategic document of the Czech government in the domain of defence. Intended by the Czech government to ensure the country's defence in the current decade, it describes basic principles of capacity building and operation of the national defence system and summarizes the main tasks of the Armed Forces and updates the political-military ambitions. The current Defence Strategy was adopted by the Czech government in March 2017.