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Photo: Institut cirkulární ekonomiky
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Business Seminar Czech Republic´s Experience on Circular Economy

Date: 06 September 2018 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Venue: Embassy of the Czech Republic 50-M, Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi - 110 021

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Delhi invites all interested companies to take the opportunity of participating in the Business Seminar on Circular economy, specializing in Innovation technologies, which will be held on September 6, 2018 at 13,00 in Delhi at the Embassy´s premises. The seminar will focus on the role of prioritization of regenerative resources to create join value, using waste as a resource and preserving Czech republic´s experience in the concept which is set to improve the quality of the environment and human life by increasing the efficiency of production through the repeated use of raw materials.

In the Seminar will appear the Czech companies from the construction industry and water management sector and will share their experience and ideas about how to use ‘waste as resource’.

The Czech Republic has an enormous potential in the waste management sector, which is the base of the Circular Economy concept. The recycling of raw materials for the repeated use has a distinct history and more and more are the Czech companies in a position of developing new technologies used worldwide. Having in mind the volume and growth of production and consumption in an Indian market, transfer of technologies from the Czech Republic is an answer to the challenge how to effectively reuse the waste and beat the waste pollution in India.

During this seminar, the Czech Republic Embassy´s Commercial Counsellors will present you the Czech experience on Circular Economy on behalf of the Institute of Circular Economy from the Czech Republic. As indicated in the enclosed program, the seminar will continue with companies presentations of revolutionary solutions in the construction industry, together with a comprehensive solution to environmental issues related to the disposal of inert building demolition waste. Needless to highlight, that this concept includes environmental protection, social responsibility and economic profitability as a major contributor to the Circular Economy. After presentation of worldwide recognized innovator in the development of concrete and concrete construction elements with 100% recycled aggregates the stakeholders will meet the Czech company which has developed highly effective and economically efficient water purifying technology.

At the end will the attendees have an opportunity to interact directly with all involved stakeholders during the B2B meetings to get to know more about the Czech technologies. The program will be concluded by High-Tea with refreshment.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic heartily invites all the companies from the field of circular economy, waste management, recycling and sustainable development, as well as the construction building companies, architects or municipalities.

The entry is free of charge, for registration please dont hesitate to contact the Commercial Economic Counsellor of the Embassy Mr. Milan Dostál at Milan_Dostal@mzv.cz


Milan Dostál, Economic Diplomat, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Delhi




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