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Government Program „Qualified Employee India“

(This article expired 18.10.2021 / 12:00.)

The Government Program „Qualified Employee India“(further on only referred to as “the Program”) is open for those applicants, whose future Czech employer fulfils all the requirements stipulated therein.  The Program is launched on September 1, 2019.

The Government of the Czech Republic enacted the Program and set the limit on 600 applications per year and laid down the terms and conditions for the participation.

The applicants whose future Czech employer participates in the Program, can apply for an employee card at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi without prior registration in accordance with the capacity of the Embassy.

The applications of the employers are to be assessed by Guarantor. Further details will be published on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

The applications are to be processed within the legal timeframes, considering all the requirements have been fulfilled.

There is no legal claim on acceptance into the Program.

The applicants will be informed about the appointment date by their employer. The applicants shall not approach the Embassy directly.

1.     The fact of being accepted in terms of the Program, does not influence the processing of the employee card itself, which stays 60 days.

2.     The Guarantors decide about the acceptance of particular applications into the Program. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic processes the applications via the Embassy of                  the Czech Republic in New Delhi only.

3.     The limit of 600 applications shall not be exceeded and will be equally spread out among the 12 months.

4.     The appointment dates and the order of the particular applications cannot be changed for any reason. Missed appointment dates are going to expire automatically.

5.      Contacts and opening hours of the Embassy of the Czech Republic