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Quotas for Economic Migration

In order to secure sufficient resources of manpower for the Czech labor market and in line with the concept of regulated economic migration, the Government of the Czech Republic enacted the Government Regulation No. 220/2019 on August 26, 2019, which introduces the quotas of employee cards and long-term entrepreneurships applications. The regulations enter into force on September 1, 2019.

The concept of regulated economic migration aims to increase the presence of qualified employees from selected countries on the Czech labor market.

For the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi, the maximum quota of employee card applications is set to 1200 employee cards per year and 24 long-term visa applications for the purpose of business.

The limits established by the Government Regulation shall not be exceeded, hence the embassies are not entitled to exceed the limits under any circumstances.

Both the quotas will be equally spread out among the 12 months. The information on how to schedule an appointment for submitting an application will be published on the website of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi.


For more information kindly see the website of Ministry of Industry and Trade