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Visa for the Purpose of Collecting a Residence Permit

In some cases, for instance when changing a passport in the country of origin after or if the validity of a long-term visa/residence permit expires in the course of proceedings on a legitimate newly filed application, or after approving applications for a long-term residence permit filed at an embassy, then to return/enter the Czech Republic, you will need a visa for the purpose of receiving a residence permit.

For this you must fill in the Long-term visa form, add your photograph, no other requirements are necessary.

Applications are accepted without a prior appointment in working hours of the Consular Department. We recommend to submit the applications on working Fridays between 9:00 - 11:00 AM.

This visa is conferred ex officio in the shortest time possible.

The visa is issued with a validity of 6 months and it entitles the foreigner to a residence for a maximum stay of 60 days. After travelling to the Czech Republic, it is necessary to report to the MOI within 3 working days for the subsequent acts.

The embassy will request you to submit a proof of medical travel insurance. A foreign national who intend to enter the Czech Republic for the purpose of employment, will be requested to present a current certificate from the employer that the employer will employ the foreign national no later than before a visa is entered into their travel document, if more than 90 days elapsed since the filing of an application.