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700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV.

Date: 04 April 2016, Venue: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Delhi

On April 4th, 2016, a presentation of brewing took place at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Delhi. The presentation, which was called the “Bohemian King Party”, also commemorated 700 years since the birth of King Charles IV. As part of the event, a new brand of beer called “Bohemian King” was introduced to the Indian market. The gravity of the launch of Bohemian King is only amplified by the fact that it is the first in Indian brewed beer, which is made by a Czech brewmaster. Czech Embassy, which offered its contacts as well as premises for the event, is picking up on its previous steps in order to encourage bigger interest of Czech breweries in one of the most dynamically growing beer market in the world.


The presentation consisted of two parts – a press conference and a subsequent social event. The press conference was attended by journalists, writing for both specialized and mainstream media.

The primary cause for the event was however to draw attention to the Czech Republic and its more than 1000 year old tradition of brewing beer in the country.

Another goal was to support a project of cooperation between Czech and Indian businesses in the form of patronage through which the interest in Czech beer in 1.3 billion Indian market could be supported.

Since the event coincides with the 700 anniversary of the birth of Charles IV., it was presented in the context of celebrations of the jubilee. It offered an opportunity to present the history of the Czech Republic itself, but also to bring attention to the fact, that some of the most famous Czech monuments popular by Indian tourists originate from the period of king Charles IV.


Karel IV

During the well-attended press conference, it was presented that a Czech company AJ Trade s.r.o. from Novy Bor, which was trying to find a suitable supplier of brewing technology, finally succeeded. The supplier is a European company RONELI SE, with seat in Prague, which was able to put together some of the most experienced professionals in brewing in India as well as the monastic St. Vojtech brewery in Brevnov in Prague.

The outcome of their endeavors is a new company Bohemia Beer Pvt. Ltd., which was awarded a brewing license in the state of Punjab. The company then found the best conditions for starting actual brewing in Adie Broswon brewery in the city of Batala.

The company Bohemia Beer Pvt. Ltd. under the leadership of its founder and executive director Rakesh Dhawan prepared all necessities for starting the brewing process. The monastic St. Vojtech brewery Brevnov then sent its brewmaster Michal Cerny to Batala. He brewed the first beer – a strong lager with 8 % of alcohol. The company was subsequently able to receive license for selling beer in the National Capital Territory of Delhi and seeks to gain it also in another states such as Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and if all goes according to plans, later also in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. The company plans to also later expand its production to lighter 3 to 4 % alcohol beers, which would be marketed under the same name Bohemian King.

The well attended press conference was moderated by the deputy head of missions Roman Masarik. The Ambassador of the Czech Republic H.E. Milan Hovorka took a word at the start of the event and talked about the history of brewing in the Czech Republic as well as the meaning of beer for Czech society. He praised Indian and Czech entrepreneurs for their effort, which has a positive effect on the visibility of the Czech Republic in India. H.E. also expressed hope that more Czech companies will be inspired by this project and will follow suit. However challenging the Indian market might be, it presents plenty of opportunity, and Czech Embassy in Delhi is ready to cooperate as much as possible. H.E. Milan Hovorka presented the potential of beer also from another point of view. He brought to attention also the fact, that it is possible to get acquainted with the Czech Republic through beer or it is possible to use beer for the benefit of your health for example in a beer spa, or through its verifiably positive effects on health.  

At the press conference spoke also representatives of the involved companies, namely the RONELI SE sales director Antonin Kovarik, RONELI SE export director Jaroslav Soukal, sales director for AJ TRADE s.r.o. Jiri Vondra and the director of Bohemia Beer Pvt. Ltd. Rakesh Dhawan. The press conference was also attended by the owner and executive director of AJ TRADE s.r.o. Jaroslav Vohnout and a partner of Bohemia Beer Pvt. Ltd. Anil Sabharwal as well as representative of CzechTrade Tomas Rousek.

The evening social event was in a celebratory atmosphere of releasing officially the first Czech beer brewed in India. Present were over 200 invited guests including members of the diplomatic corps.

Mr. Ambassador Milan Hovorka in his speech highlighted also the 700 year anniversary of the birth of Charles IV., who on April 5th 1355 became the first Czech king, who was crowned Emperor of Holy Roman Empire. The event, which took place on the eve of the coronation anniversary on April 4th 2016, underscored the Europe-wide importance of Charles the IV. Ambassador of Luxembourg to India H.E. Sam Schreiner also addressed the attendees and reminded that Charles IV. is also connected to Luxembourg, since he was a member of the Luxembourg dynasty and his parents were John of Luxembourg and Elisabeth of Bohemia.

The whole event was accompanied by a lightshow and Charles IV exhibit, which was provided by the National Gallery in Prague.