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Czech Film in "Little Europe" Festival

Date: 23 October 2017, Venue: Delhi, University of Delhi

Department of Slavonic and Finno-Ugrian Studies of the University of Delhi is organizing every year in October a show of movies from Central and Eastern Europe called "Little Europe".

In 2017, Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi is coming up with an entertaining Czech movie "Kasawaki's Rose"(Kawasakiho růže) which will be screened on October 23, 2017.

This Czech film has a drama about family and politics, the role of memory in relationships, and that of jealousy, arrogance, love, loyalty and betrayal. This film will be shown in the Czech language with English subtitles at University of Delhi.

Kawasaki’s Rose illustrates how it may be hard to judge historical events as they’re happening, but it’s even harder in retrospect, removed from the immediate circumstances.



Czech Film : Kawasaki's Rose

Director: Jan Hrebejk

Runtime: 94 minutes

Cast: Milan Mikulcík, Lenka Vlasáková, Martin Huba

Award: Won two prizes from independent juries at the Berlinale, as well as the Golden Kingfisher and viewers' prizes at the Czech festival Finale Plzen



For more information, please click on: http://sfus.du.ac.in/Pamphlet.pdf