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Czech Indologist-Vladimir Miltner

Charles University was among the first European universities to promote Indian studies in the 19th century. There were so many Czech Indologist from this university who believes in Indian culture and values. There was one famous Czech Indologist who translated famous books like Mahabharata, Valmiki, Kama Sutra, Banaphul and many more. His name was Vladimir Miltner and he was an expert of many Indian languages ​​like Sanskrit, Marathi, Bradja, Hindavi, Bengali. Except for these languages ​​he was also an expert in Pali (it is the sacred language of Theravāda Buddhism) and Urdu.

Vladimir Miltner was born in Pilsen, Czech Republic, 1933. After his graduation, he entered Charles University in the field of Indian philology and Indology. He first worked in a language school, later he started working as an employee of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. In 1967, he began his three-year tenure at the University of Paris. When he was forced to leave the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences for political reasons, he worked for a while as a chef and then worked as an editor of the 100 + 1 ZZ magazine and a translator. After the fall of the communist regime, he returned to the academic grounds of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.


Many Czech Indologist believes that if someone dies in India will get Moksha (it means the release from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma). Vladimir Miltner was also one of the Indologist who believes in this philosophy.



During his last time, he was in Mathura, India birthplace of Lord Krishna. He died in 1997 on his way down the Ganges Rivers.



Czech Indologist- Vladimir Miltner