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“Czech Motorbikes JAWA Popular in India”

From Bollywood to Indian roads these Czech motorbikes were popular everywhere. After a long gap when it again hit the Indian roads one of the Bollywood big actor expressed his happiness and think again about this vintage bike. Yes, he's none other than Bollywood King Khan “Shahrukh Khan tweeted Oh nice. Grew up on this! '.

On the 90th Anniversary of JAWA motorbikes, over 60 JAWA owners participated in the early morning bike ride. People are actually taking care of these vintage bikes as their legacy.

And all this was started by František Janeček who was born in the small village of Bohemia (modern-day Czech Republic). During 1929 he purchased a motorcycle business Wanderer from the German manufacturer. JAWA is the combination of the first two letters of Janeček and Wanderer.

In 1933, the new model had taken off - the Jawa 175 became the most popular motorcycle in Czechoslovakia. It was the first step of Janeček and Patchett's (a renowned British engineer with prior racing experience) towards a universal motorcycle. In the late 1930's Janeček and Patchett's developed Jawa 350 SV four-stroke. The same year JAWA motorcycles participated in consecutive Isle of Man events. Janeček next line-up of motorcycles would famously go on to be called the Jawa “Perak” .In 1941 we lost this legend and his son Karel took over the business and continue to work on his designs. In 1946 he completed his father's dream and JAWA Perak made it's a public appearance in Paris Motor Show and won the gold medal after that they lined-up four-stroke 500cc OHV twins.

In 1960 Rustom and Farrokh Irani, the firm Ideal Jawa began importing Jawa motorcycles into India. Due to the number of demands, Jawa established a factory in Mysore in 1961 with support from the king at that time, Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar. At that time JAWA manufactured the 250 Type 353/04 under license. During the 1960s and 70's JAWA already made its place in India and at that time JAWA was the first choice of urban youth and racers. Later on, in 1971, the Ideal Jawa company manufactured and sold the new motorcycles under the name “Yezdi” with technical assistance from Jawa.

 Unfortunately, the company stopped production in 1998, primarily due to financial reasons but in 2017, the Mahindra-owned Classic Legends Private Limited signed a brand licensing agreement with the Czech owned JAWA Motorbikes and rejuvenates again and launched their new models JAWA classic, JAWA 42 and Perak. In 2019 on the occasion of their 90th Anniversary, they launched a 90th edition model also.

This comeback again refreshing the memories because Indian people are still crazy about this bike and their love and respect towards this brand is actually unbelievable.



Czech Motorbikes- JAWA Popular In India