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Destruction and Restoration of Marian Column

After so many challenges the restoration of Marian Column in Prague square is finally done in 2020. This time India is also a part of this column and for sure people will again remember it as a part of their history. The restoration of this column and India's' initiative is quite interesting. But we all need to know about the previous history which is quite interesting “How it fall and rise again”.

Marian Column in Prague was built in the Old Town Square in 1650 as thanks for the city's role in the Battle of Prague in 1648, which resulted in a Bohemian victory over the Swedish Empire and it was the end of Thirty Years’ War. The column was sculpted by Johann Georg Bendl. It was the fourth oldest Marian column in Europe. The column was approx 16 meters high with a two-meter statue of the Virgin Mary.


On October 28, 1918, the National Council had proclaimed Czechoslovakia an independent nation-state and had peacefully broken from Habsburg rule in Austria-Hungary but after few days of this event. On November 3, 1918, the angry mob who believed that this monument to be anti-Czech and it stood there for the defeat at the battle of Bílá Hora and centuries of resultant Habsburg oppression ripped off the column.


The Marian column was an integral part of the old town square for almost 270 years. From the very beginning, after pushing the column, it spoke of restoration, but there was not enough will to do it. In 1923 was created the Department of Marian shrine and was established for restoration.


In 1988 (70 years after push) petitions were born by a restorative pillar restoration. A Restoration Society in Prague, but could be registered after the revolution in 1990, a national collection for the reconstruction of the Maria column was declared in 1995.


Since 1995, the restorative of the Marian column has been involved by the sculptor by Jan Braddna, Miroslav Kratky, Karel Kronych and Peter Vana. On the way of searching sandstone, these stonemasons found a very good quality stone in India. On February 24, 2001, five stonemasons reached Jaipur, Rajasthan and prepared the stone for the main pillar. Around March 2001, they transported the stone from the port of Nava Sheva, Mumbai. The sculptor Petr Vana worked on the replica for more than 20 years and finished it.


After arguments against the re-installation of a column. The column is finally installed at Old Prague Town Square and it will officially open in August or September 2020 (tentative).


As per media reports, the restoration is great news for the Czech Catholics but many protestants and non-believers also supported the project because of the statue’s historic and artistic importance in Prague.


Destruction and Restoration of Marian Column