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Photo: Ms Sakhshi
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Government scholarship recipient Ms Sakhshi is pursuing a study of Ecology in the Czech Republic

Allow us to introduce you to Ms Sakhshi, a remarkable individual who has been awarded a prestigious governmental scholarship to pursue her studies in Ecology. She is keen to share her story in the article!

Hello everyone!

As a recipient of the governmental scholarship provided by the Czech Ministry of Education (MEYS) to support my education in the Czech Republic for the academic year 2022-2023, I would like to thank the intergovernmental bilateral agreement between India and Czech Republic, which supports bright students to accomplish their dreams and achieve higher goals.

I came to the Czech Republic to pursue my Master's degree in Ecology in the year 2022. I am currently in my last semester and delighted to share my experiences with you all. The beautiful, calm environment here in the Czech Republic is quite helpful for a focused mind to grow ahead and achieve higher goals. The perfect snow cover during winter to the proper bright sunshine in the summer keeps you active.

The best part for me was the opportunity provided to me to work on different scientific projects collaboratively as well as individually. I was pretty afraid that I had to do individual projects at the beginning because the education system was quite advanced, and it was my first experience staying abroad and pursuing my very first master's degree.
Time just flew so quickly, but my stay period here in the Czech Republic did teach me a lot in all the spheres of life, not only just education but also the significant changes in the journey of life, taking care of yourself, deciding your career, managing the funds and most importantly taking the right decisions at the right time.

I am very thankful to my parents, who gave me the opportunity to go abroad and grow independently. Without their constant support and motivation, I wouldn't have achieved the success I have right now in my life.

I am in the final stage of completion of my Master's degree, and I am quite glad that I am eligible and confident enough to pursue a PhD degree ahead in Ecology, Biogeochemistry and Marine Biology and Genetics. Through the journey, I have learned a lot of laboratory, on-field, analytical, as well as statistical skills in Biochemistry, Molecular techniques, Community Ecology, Toxicology, Functional traits Ecology, and Behavioural Ecology.

With all the gratitude, knowledge and interesting yet adventurous experiences that I have gained here in the Czech Republic, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the Czech Republic for providing me with this esteemed opportunity to receive this prestigious scholarship. At the end of my master's program, I can proudly say that the place gave me a lot of flourishing opportunities in other countries as well, such as Italy, France, Peru, and India. I am glad that I paid justice to my work here in the Czech Republic, and also, I am thankful to know that I was considered again for the scholarship for the academic year 2023-2024. This really means a lot for the motivation that we all need in our lives, where we know that our work is being appreciated. Thank you so much! I will be delighted to work ahead in the future with the Indian as well as the Czechian embassy and the MEYS organization for the greater benefit of society as well as science.

Government Scholarship Recipient Ms Sakhshi is pursuing a study of Ecology in the Czech Republic     Snow!

Government Scholarship Recipient Ms Sakhshi is pursuing a study of Ecology in the Czech Republic
Snow! Snow!