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5 Steps - Study in the Czech Republic

At present, there are 62 institutions in the Czech higher education system. University type (24 public, 2 state and 3 private) which offer study programmes at all three levels of higher education and non-university type (2 public and 43 private) which offer mainly Bachelor’s programmes but may also provide Master’s programmes.

The academic year is usually divided into 2 semesters.
Each semester lasts about 14 weeks of classes, and is followed by an examination period lasting up to 6 weeks. Classes are usually 90 minutes long.

Academic year starts in the middle of September

5 Steps to apply for study:

  1. Choice of Study program/ Universities

The qualification, skills and qualities needed for admission vary from university to university. For full information on entry requirements, please refer directly to the website of the university of your choice. 

       2.    Communicate with the universities to collect all available information and apply.

It is higly recommendable to apply to several universities or study programmes. In case you manage to be admitted to all of them, you can choose. Better than being left without a choice (or acceptance letter)

        3.    If admitted, submit application for Long term visa

Applications for visa allowing stay for more than 90 days in the Czech Republic must be submitted personally at the Embassy of the Czech Republic on the date agreed by the Embassy.

Ask the Embassy for appointment. Send email addressed to consular_delhi@mzv.cz.

        4.    Timing – it is of the utmost importance to always keep an eye on deadlines

application for a higher education should be submitted to ESC approximately 6 months prior to the semester start.

        5.    if visa issued, Good luck & welcome to study in Czechia

The Czech Republic has long charmed visitors with its beautiful architecture, a bevy of restaurants, and an active nightlife scene.

Prague’s central location also gives students the option of air, train, and bus travel to all the major cities of Europe.


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