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Learn Czech Language

Venue: Delhi

Czech is an inflectional language, which means that the words "inflect" (their endings change). There is a relatively large characteristic difference between traditional standard written Czech and the language that is commonly spoken. The best way to learn Czech is to go to the origin country, Czech Republic and take part in some Czech language courses.


There are many schools, universities and institutes which offers online course, short term programs for A1-B1 levels of proficiency to learn Czech language. Below is the list of useful links:


In India, only University of Delhi has introduced the Slavonic & Finno-Ugrian Studies, for more information, visit website: sfus.du.ac.in  

 or contact :

Dr. Rashmi Joshi

Head of Department


University of Delhi

First floor, Tutorial Building Complex,

Tel No.: 91 011 27 662 226

 E-mail: sfusduad@gmail.com