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Study programme Geopolitical Studies at the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University in Prague

Date: 30 April 2023, Venue: Prague

Study at one of the oldest and best-ranking universities in Europe. Find information about unique master's a two-year-long multidisciplinary programme. The goal of the Geopolitical Studies programme is to produce graduates able to analyse and interpret the world we live in, linking together facts and various theoretical approaches and overreaching doc-trines.

The programme focuses on how the interactions between world politics and geography have unfolded in the most relevant geopolitical settings. The programme allows the students to gain a profound knowledge of geopolitics and geostrategy, two disciplines becoming ever more important. The mandatory courses provide the necessary theoretical background, while the electives enable the students to choose their thematic and regional specialisation according to their preference. Some of the areas that the specialised courses and modules focus on include:

• World politics, great powers geopolitics, global power shifts, border hardening;
• Disintegration processes, failed states, violent non-state actors, unrecognised states;
• War, natural resources and conflicts, international law;
• Political risk analysis, foreign policy analysis;
• World regions and their position in the current global order.

11+ reasons to study Geopolitics at Charles University in Prague

1. Study at the top-ranking university (#226 Best Global Universities) and one of
the oldest Universities in the world
2. Learn from world-renowned lecturers, legendary practitioners, decision-makers,
or ambassadors in a career – focused program
3. Meet new friends in the highly cosmopolitan and friendly environment of students
from all continents and join our alumni
4. Gain an empirical knowledge of regions and practical skills to become a geopolitical
analyst, regional or country expert
5. Benefit from internship placement to be ready for a career in a business environment
6. Understand cutting-edge theories and methods which open the path to academia
or think-tanks
7. Study in the Czech Republic ranking among the world´s top 10 safest countries
(Global Peace Index)
8. ✈ Benefit from extensive international cooperation. Spend the second year it Taipei
to get the second diploma in East Asian geopolitics, or travel to Africa
9. Build your network through guest lecturers´ courses such as Antonia Colibasanu
(senior analyst at Geopolitical Futures), or Eeben Barlow (Executive Outcomes)
10. There is no better place to study geopolitics than Prague, voted the most beautiful
city in the world (Timeout)
11. Team-up with our staff, get involved in our research and policy project, develop
your skills at the annual geopolitical conference, geopolitical debates, geopolitical
podcast, and other extra-curricular activities

Check out more!
geopolitics.fsv.cuni.cz @MAGeopolitics fb.com/geopoliticalstudiesinPrague

Geopolitical Studies at the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University in Prague (PDF, 2 MB)

Leaflet (PDF, 535 KB)