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The Czech Scientist Ferdinand Stoliczka

This week marks the 145th anniversary of the death of the Czech scientist Ferdinand Stoliczka who achieved eminence by his researches into geology, paleontology and natural history of India. For 12 years until his death on 19th June 1874, he worked for the Indian Geological Institute. He published 79 scientific reports and analysis. Among many other activities, he created geological maps of extensive areas of Himalayas. Total 225 birds' species have been recorded by him in Ladakh. The extent of Stoliczka's scientific work is admirable. To his honor 15 species and subspecies were named after Stoliczka. In the Arctic Ocean, there is Stoliczka Island devoted to him. His statue is on the historical building of the Judicial Academy in his hometown Kromeriz in the Czech Republic. Streets were named after him in Kromeriz as well as in Prague. The Czech Republic issued a postage stamp showing his portrait and Himalayas. In India, his sculpture is at the headquarter of the Geological Survey of India in Kolkata and a grand memorial was erected at the Moravian Cemetery in Leh in the State of Jammu and Kashmir as a mark of respect for the service he rendered to India. The following text is on the memorial:

"FERDINAND STOLICZKA PhD. Born in Moravia, 7th June 1838, died at Moorgo, 19th June 1874, while returning from Yarkand with the British Mission to which he was attached as Naturalist. Though young when he fell a sacrifice to duty, he had already achieved eminence by his researches into the geology and natural history of India AND HIS EARLY DEATH is deeply regretted by the world of science, and by the Government of India, who in recognition of his able and honorable services, have caused this monument to be erected 1876 ​​".

We are grateful to Indian wildlife photographer Mr. Sandeep Dhumal and his team who recently prepared the following video tribute:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2kUi542IKo


"The Czech Scientist Ferdinand Stoliczka"