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Photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi
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Unknown History of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi

Date: 18 June 2020, Venue: New Delhi, India

Even after several years, Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi stands still and it's a glorious achievement of four Czech architects. Yes, the Embassy of Czech Republic previously Czechoslovak in New Delhi was projected by a group of four Czech architects Karel Filsak senior, Karel Bubeníček, Karel Filsak junior and Jan Kozel and the main construction partner company on the Indian side was "Gherzi Eastern Lt. Bombay "

The Czechoslovak Embassy in New Delhi in India is one of their largest implementations. They started construction in August 1971. The architectural design is based on local specific conditions and given operational requirements. Logically sorts the individual objects: office building, reception, the residence of the apartment unit, club, school, including the building of local staff. Gardens include social, representational and recreational spaces complemented by a swimming pool and modified sports grounds. The interior was designed by Mr Karel Filsak, Mr Zbynek Hrivnac, Mr Jan Kozel. The interiors include several works of art. The whole - even after the division into Czech and Slovak parts - retained the original dignified representational character. After many years of operation,

Embassy of the Czech Republic was completed in 1973. Late Smt. Indira Gandhi attended the opening ceremony of the Embassy.

Not only the Embassy of the Czech Republic in India they also build the embassies in China, Brazil, Italy, Greece, Sweden, India, Egypt and other countries.

As per the theorist of modern architecture, Professor Rostislav Švácha evaluates the premises of the embassy as a building belonging to the most valuable manifestations of brutalism in the architecture of the Czech land.