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Online game developer and publisher Wargaming unfolds its operations in Prague

Wargaming has established its new operational office in the Czech Republic. Drawing on a wealth of local talent, this new office will become a center of excellence for two functions: Quality Assurance (QA) and Business Intelligence (BI).

Wargaming, as an international award winning online game developer and publisher with 150 million registered players, already has more than 4,000 employees spread among its 15 offices around the world.

The company’s passion for military history with a special focus on the WW2 era found its way in the historical accuracy of its games. Two major hits – World of Tanks and World of Warships – are already gathering thousands of Czechs in ground or sea battles. Now Wargaming has come to the Czech Republic to build its new operational stronghold in support of the company’s two brand-new initiatives.

One of them will be the creation of the QA Center that will be serving the growing needs of Wargaming for existing and future games on various platforms.

The other one is the creation of the Business Intelligence hub. The BI team is historically one of the most critical teams and works in a very specific area of large data analysis and management. To kick-start a strong foundation in Prague, Wargaming is planning to relocate one of the key BI units from Minsk, Belarus, to help build the infrastructure for the hub and then gradually expand this team with the local talent that the Czech Republic can certainly offer.

Both initiatives will require a significant boost of new talent that the company strives to attract locally in the Czech Republic. The projections for 2017 are to bring about 100 new employees on board with aspirations to grow to twice that size in 2018.

Wargaming Prague will settle into a spacious office building in Florenc area; over 1250 sq m of office space is now ready to accommodate all company staff. 

From the exploration phase with multiple European locations considered, to the first hires in Prague, the creation of Wargaming’s new branch took three months. Tight cooperation with CzechInvest and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the earliest stage of the project allowed it to unfold at an unprecedented speed. With the continuing support of various governmental organizations, the company is on track to build a strong team ready to make a great impact on Wargaming’s future in the region and globally.