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Travel to the Czech Republic

EU+ citizens will be allowed to travel into the Czech Republic for any purpose including tourism. From 19.07. 2021 Cyprus moves to "dark red" countries.

EU+ citizens are allowed to travel into the Czech Republic for any purpose including tourism from 21.6.2021.

It is not necessary to wear respiratory protection outdoors - protection is only necessary when meeting two or more people less than two meters apart, unless they are members of the same household.

The obligation to cover the airways indoors -  at least a surgical mask.

Respirators with a protection class of at least FFP2 or nano masks are mandatory in public transport, shops and other busy places (restaurants, cinemas...).

All stores are open. Restaurants are open - the condition for entry is completed vaccination at least 14 days ago, test for covid-19 (antigen not older than 3 days, PCR not older than 7 days) or  proof of recovery from covid-19 in the last 180 days.

Travelers from Cyprus (red and dark red countries, public transport):

Please note that the rules of entry into the Czech Republic may differ from the rules of an air carrier for boarding an aircraft. Therefore, please always check the rules of the airline before departure.

Protective measure of the Ministry of Healthcare against SARS-CoV-2 from 9th July 2021

1. BEFORE YOU TRAVEL, FILL OUT A FORM FOR HYGIENIC STATION → www.prijezdovyformular.cz (Public Health Passenger Locator Form)

Accompanying adults fill out the form for children in age between 6 and 18 .


Once you fill out and submit the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You may either print out the confirmation or display it on your mobile. The confirmation e-mail will contain a QR code that will display an on-line version of the confirmation. You will be asked to show this confirmation when passing through the passport control. Do keep the confirmation on you while in the Czech Republic – you may be asked to show it in case of control.  


If you are fully vaccinated in EU+ country - You must hold  "EU Green Certificate“ (EUDCC - EU Digital Covid Certificate) or to have a national certificate of the and your vaccination must be completed 14 days before departure.

If you are Czech citizen or the citizen of EU+ country vaccinated in third country - with the EMA approved vaccination after at least 14 days from the application of the last dose (it is necessary to have a certificate whose sample is published on the Ministry of Health´s website).

You don´t need to get tested and self-isolate.


You must presents a confirmation (in English) issued by a physician based in CZE or elsewhere in the EU stating that you do not currently show COVID-19 symptoms + you have already contracted COVID-19 in the past + you have self-quarantined after being positively tested for COVID-19 + you have been positively tested for COVID-19 between 11 to 180 days from first positive test.

You don´t need to get tested and self-isolate.

5. IF YOU ARE NOT VACCINATED OR RECOVERED FROM COVID-19 - GET TESTED  prior to entering the Czech Republic AND after the entering the Czech Republic. 

- You must be in possession of a negative RT-PCR test result for establishing the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus before departure Cyprus (not longer than 72 hours before departure).                                                                                  

- You must also undergo an RT-PCR test for establishing the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus no earlier than on the 5th day and no later than on the 14th day after entering the Czech Republic, unless, entirely exceptionally in individual cases, a public health protection authority decides on other quarantine measures in accordance with Act No 258/2000 and on the duration of such measures;

- PCR test not later then 5 days after arrival is mandatory for kids older then 6 and younger than 12 years (kids between 6-12 years don't have to undergo the PCR test before departure).

- Kids younger than 6 years don't have to undergo either tests  or self-isolation.

- You must undergo self-isolation pending the result of the RT-PCR test for establishing the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus


You can find all the exceptions on the web page of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.



Other information are described on the web page of the Ministry of Inferior.

Measures adopted by the Czech Government against the coronavirus

Ministry of Health

Entry into the territory of the Czech Republic.

Measures adopted by the Czech Government against the coronavirus

We remind everybody arriving to the Czech Republic to become familiar with the arrival quarantine measures.

Other relevant information could be find at the webpages of the

the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic

the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

The list and map of laboratories providing the PCR tests

Rules from 9.7.2021

Rules from 9.7.2021