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Economic Diplomacy of the Czech Republic

The team at the Czech Embassy in Oslo is part of the Common Overseas Network of Czech Embassies and CzechTrade Offices. This network makes it possible to provide services in more than 90 countries worldwide.

The Centre for Export Customers (CEC) is the first point of contact for Czech companies and entrepreneurs looking for new business contacts in Norway and Iceland. The CEC is a joint undertaking of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, primarily aiming at Czech entrepreneurs who want to expand on international markets. The CEC offers services to both small & medium-sized enterprises and to large companies with complex projects. The CEC is ready to answer all questions related to exporting goods and services from the Czech Republic.

No matter whether you first contact the CEC or our Embassy directly, your enquiries related to Norway and Iceland will be answered by the teams at the Czech Embassy in Oslo, the CzechTrade office in Stockholm, or by specialists from the CzechTrade and CzechInvest headquarters in Prague – all depending on the nature of your enquiry.

The Czech Embassy in Oslo can deliver:

  • Assistance and support for meetings with official institutions and with state-owned companies in Norway and Iceland.
  • Help in sourcing out business partners according to the nature of your trade.
  • Contacts on law offices, chambers of commerce and banks.
  • Support for meeting planning and for business missions, or participation at them.
  • Logistical support as mutually agreed (references on interpreters etc.).
  • Consultations on the business environment in Norway and Iceland and on their economies.
  • Links to public tenders in Norway and Iceland currently prepared or at the bidding stage.
  • Political insight and diplomatic & commercial know-how regarding the relations between the Czech Republic and Norway/Iceland.

All services provided to companies interested in entering the markets are provided free of charge in the opening phase of contacts.

Contacts and links:

Centre for Export Customers

phone: +420 224 907 576 or
800 133 331 (Toll-free Line on Export)
e-mail: kcexport@businessinfo.cz

Czech Embassy in Oslo

phone: +47 22 12 10 33
e-mail: commerce_oslo@mzv.cz

CzechTrade Scandinavia in Stockholm

phone: +46 8 236 712
e-mail: info@czechtrade.se

CzechInvest Scandinavia in Prague

phone: +420 296 342 809
e-mail: scandinavia@czechinvest.org